april 2020

ABIG Inking Roller

ABIG of Germany is specialized in all tools for lino printing. These high-quality ink rollers are handmade in Germany and can be used for both water and oil based inks. It has a 6 cm width and a diameter of 2 cm with a rubber thickness of 3 mm. It is lightweight yet strong and made from nickel plated rod. The inside roller is made of plastic or aluminum which prevents the roller from becoming damp. For a quick and easy cleaning of the roller you can removed it from the spring steel handle.

Captain Crate Tip: It has legs on one side so when you would like to rest the roller after applying ink it will not touch the surface and avoid ink to touch the table.

Essdee Lino Board, 19 x 13 x 0,32 cm

Essdee Lino is made especially soft for block printing and is ideal for the student and master alike. Linoleum is the definitive carving material and made using natural ingredients such as linseed oil and wood flour. This biodegradable Lino can be used with water and oilbased inks and prints well onto a wide range of paper, board and fabric.

Essdee Lino Cutter

Essdee Lino Cutters are manufactured from highcarbon steel in eleven different styles. These sharp, durable Lino Cutters are precision ground to an optimum angle to provide effortless lino cutting.

For fine lines and cross hatching. Never push any cutter deeper than the sides of the point. Take care when inking over fine lines as they can fill in. 

A universal and easy to use tool with a low angle of attack. Commonly used as a basic first-time tool to cut lines up to 1.5mm or less.

A tight, round cutter able to cut a 2mm deep-sided line. Good for straight lines. With practice it’s useful for cutting small circles by using a swivel motion. 

A wide, rounded “v” cutter for lines 3mm wide with 45˚ walls for a strong print surface, particularly important for fragile detail and fine lines in large open spaces.

Factis Artist Carving Block, 15 x 9 x 0,6 cm

The carving block for artists is a soft and flexible block which is ideal for carving techniques. Its soft surfaces allow clean incisions to be made to give a raised carved finish. The block does not contain phthalates or heavy metals. The use of solvents damages the block. The carving block permits precise line definition and detailed work in various thicknesses. The block is easily cleaned after use and can be reused. It can be used with water soluble and serigraphic inks, as well as with ink pads. The prints can be produced by applying pressure with the hands or by using a roller on the block over the area to be printed.

Schminke Aqua Lino Print Ink, Ivory Black 20ml

This ivory black aqua ink is formulated on a gum arabic base. It contains high-quality organic and inorganic pigments and is characterised by particularly good lightfastness (at least 4-5 stars) and a unique depth of colour. The ink can be used either directly or it can be thinned with water. The optimum open times allow a perfect finish, the print has sharp contours and an even result. The aqua LINOPRINT colours dry within 15 minutes to be wipe-proof but not waterproof and can be overprinted if necessary.

Folia transparent paper – architect quality – 80g/m²

Transparent paper is perfect for tracing & drawing with pencil, chalk and ink. But there are even more possible applications. Due to its special properties, a wide variety of embossing and handicraft techniques can also be creatively implemented.

Zerkall 145gsm Mould Made Edelweiss Paper

Super high quality paper for your linprint

Upcrate Paper

for testing only


Makeshift mask

together we are going trough difficult times. #stayhomeanddraw


by inkydogstudio


I’m Jane, from Inky Dog Studio.  I’m a UK based Printmaker and Dog Lover who also loves to work with lino 🙂

I’m Jane, from Inky Dog Studio.  I’m a UK based Printmaker and Dog Lover who also loves to work with lino 🙂

My inspiration and ideas tend to come from two sources: Nature and the Living World, and also 20th Century Art and Design (in particular, the Arts & Crafts Movement, Art Deco and the work of artists such as Henry Moore).

I love to make strong, bold lines and marks in my artwork, and I find lino printing is the perfect medium for achieving this.  An idea for a new print may come from a sketch, a trip to an Art Gallery, or simply from something I snapped earlier on my camera phone…

To become a member of Art Crew is perfect for someone who wants to explore many different aspects of art! You get to receive a great selection of art materials each month, whilst engaging with a community of like-minded people with whom you can share your growing armoury of new-found skills 🙂

In this month’s Art Crate, you’ll find a selection of printmaking materials – a handle with carving tools, sheets of grey lino and soft rubber easy-cut, good quality printmaking paper, water-based printing ink, and a printing roller.  Using these materials, I’m going to guide you through the process of creating your own linocut print.  My tip would be to impose no limits on yourself and never be afraid to try something new!

My personal goals are to continue to evolve my Printmaking practice – try out new styles of working and incorporate new elements into my prints, in terms of subject matter. I’m also aiming to increase the scale of my work (I really fancy going large this year!!).  As far as I’m concerned, we never stop learning, and my biggest fear would be to become smug and self-satisfied in what I’m doing with my art.

“In making Art, you can learn something new every day of your life”

Happy creating, everybody!

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