december  2019

Faber Castell Metallics Marker Heart of gold and Nothing else metals

Faber-Castell selected some fancy names for their new gold and silver metallic color markers. These markers apply on light, dark or colourful paper or even smooth surfaces, such as plastic, foil, porcelain, glass and metal, with a premium metallic effect. After drying, Metallics are resistant to both smudging and water splashes. The special water-based metallic ink is odourless and doesn‘t seep through paper. Furthermore, no pumping or shaking is required, the ink flows evenly through the 1.5 mm fibre tip. Available in 6 shiny, metallic colors.

Captain Crate Tip: These markers are not limited to paper. Be creative and make wood or rocks look shiny. They can even be made waterproof by setting them in an oven at 160°C for 30 minutes.

Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen Fineliner S India ink pen, black

Ink drawings have a very long artistic tradition. This has always been an interesting medium for artists and graphic artists which can be combined with many other drawing techniques. Faber-Castell has merged all the advantages of artist‘s inks with the benefits of a modern, easy-to-use pen – the Pitt Artist Pen. This pen contains pigmented India ink which is very lightfast, waterproof and permanent being the ideal tool for sketches, drawings, layouts, fashion design and illustration. The long, metal enchased nib provides a clear line width of 0.3 mm and does not bleed through paper. Besides the fineliner S in black and other 10 colors there are also 60 Pitt Artist Pens with a brush tip available.  

Faber Castell Goldfaber Graphite Pencil, B

This graphite pencil with a unique blue barrel and golden stripes is a versatile tool for drawing and sketching. The hexagonal shape and the break-resistant lead with the typical Faber-Castell SV bonding enables a very good writing performance.

Artline Decorite Marker

Ready for the holiday season? These new markers have all you need to start off. They are very convenient to use being ready to apply upon cap-off without shaking or pumping. Their high-density ink shows vividly on dark colored paper which makes it the perfect tool for decorating and writing on paper, card, glass, porcelain, metal and plastic.

Captain Crate Tip: They are suitable for multiple color layering once the ink dries. If you would like to create a part opaquer let the ink dry first and apply another layer of ink. You will see the immediate effect. Apply multiple times if needed for an even higher opacity. Enjoy these 20 colours in 3 different nibs

Artline Bullet Style _ 1.0 mm bullet tip

Artline Flat Style _ 3.0 mm  Flat tip

Artline Brush Style _ Brush Tip

Artline Stix Brush Marker

This soft brush nib will let you have both wide and fine lines to be drawn as you wish. It is a water-based marker available in 19 different colors. You are even able to create a gradient effect. The special nobs on the barrel allows you to clip them together to keep them connected.

Captain Crate Tip: Create a fun pattern by connecting markers like blocks. Use your three Stix Markers and draw three lines at a time.  

Upcrate Black and White Paper & Season‘s Gift Card 

Your markers will look good on both black and white. This is a selection of 110 gsm white paper and black paper. Captain Crate has provided a foldable blank card that is waiting for you to get creative. Design a personal greetings card for the holiday season or New Year.


by soniastegemann


soniastegemann is an artist from Germany who focuses mainly on digital art

Where do you find your inspirations? Where do your ideas come from?

It’s sometimes crazy what inspires us! For me it can be as simple as a really good movie or seeing incredible art shared online but also going to the museum or just being with friends makes me want to create something. Being creative in other fields like graphic design or journalling can lead to inspiration for a new drawing as well. Changing perspective usually brings the best ideas for me.

Your special tip for the art crew what to do with the art supplies in this Upcrate:

I personally struggled when I tried to combine too many of the markers, especially the metallic ones! So I can really recommend limiting the use of those colors and sticking more to the regular markers only to use the metallic ones as a final touch/ to add an interesting effect.

Which style do you like best and why?

I personally really enjoy drawing cute girls, it’s the first thing I go to when I open my sketchbook. I grew up reading Manga and watching Anime so that’s what sparked my passion for drawing and has never really left me. I also follow a lot of tattoo artists because I admire their skill and love the influence they have on my work!

What do you associate with Art Crew?

The word ART CREW means doing art together, sharing our works and pushing each other to be as creative as possible. The shared passion for art is what unites all of us, no matter where in our art journey we are right now/ how much experience/ how many followers etc we have!

What are your goals with your art in the future?

I want to never stop learning/ improving, to challenge myself to try new things more regularly and go out of my comfort zone even more! My end goal is to be able to draw full time and keep sharing my drawings with other people! Whenever I do something else I can’t really keep my mind off drawing/ creating new product so naturally I want to do that as much as possible!

How often do you draw and what does it mean to you?

Drawing is part of my daily routine, it’s what I wake up to and also what I do last before I go to bed. It’s possibly the most important thing for me, something that has been with me throughout all my life and will hopefully be my passion for many years to come!

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