june 2020

Chameleon Fineliners 6 pack Nature Colors

Chameleon Fineliners have a patented dual ink system, with ink in the pen and in the cap! To instantly blend colors all you have to do is switch the cap, or hop the top to another pen, leave it a few seconds and make vibrant color to color blends. With a fine point Japanese precision 0,3 mm metal-clad tip a super smooth writing performance is possible. The water-based, dry safe ink won’t bleed through most papers.

Artline Drawing System Pen 0.2

The acid free, water-based pigment ink of this technical drawing pen is water resistant and fade proof when dry. The metal ferrule is ideal for template and ruling work, making this range perfect for all general writing, drawing and technical drawing. The airtight cap includes a durable metal pocket clip. The 0.2 liner has a line width of 0,2 mm.

Koh-i-noor 900 Graphite Pencil Toison D´Or- 2H

This hexagonal graphite pencil is suitable for technicians, graphic designers and artists. Quality at its’ best… this pencil has been unchanged for 50 years with the factory being in place for more than 225 years. This 2H gradient pencil is made of cedar wood and comes in a black design with gold bands-this is what I call timeless style.. 

Sakura sketch book 21 x 14,8 cm, 80 pages crème white paper 140g

The Sakura Sketch – Note Book 21 x 14,8 cm cm with 80 crème white sheets of 140 g/m2 acid free paper keeps all your ink, pencil, oil pastel or charcoal creations in one place. The exclusively illustrated sleeve can be used as a book mark. The hard cover book comes with a pen holder that perfectly fits slim pens. In the back of the Sketch – Book an expandable envelope is included for storing sketches and notes. The elastic closure band ensures the book stays closed and compact when travelling. This sketch book is available in different sizes. 

Milan SWAY Pastel Sharpener & Eraser

The new SWAY, pastel edition, is a combination of an eraser and pencil sharpener with a small debris deposit that collects wood when being sharpened. The pencil sharpener has a sharp and resistant steel blade which makes it ideal for all varieties of pencils. It includes a safety blade system which prevents the blade from becoming detached from the body of the pencil sharpener. This design was created by MILAN’s own R+D department. The range carries four assorted colors: yellow, orange, lilac and turquoise. Which color was in your Upcrate?


by Blindwolves



Hi there, I’m Blindwolves, a visual artist and sculptor from Athens, Greece. I love working with a variety of media but most of all with pen and ink! I have been exploring the concept of antivisualism and constructing works that reflect on that idea.

Where do you find your inspirations/ideas?

Most of my inspiration comes from feeling and the energy that surrounds me. A lot of music as well. I often take long walks in nature or by the sea and observe my surroundings. You can be inspired by even the tiniest of detail in things. The ordinary becomes extraordinary. Having a sketchbook with me always helps me remember what I saw better than just photographing it since I take the time to notice it. Also, I like experimenting with different types of mediums in my artworks and see how they react together. My artistic journey begins with feeling and then thought. Lines, shapes, colors, patterns flow and follow the harmony along with texture and gesture.

Your special tip for the art crew what to do with the art supplies in this Upcrate: In this month’s Art Crate you’ll find an amazing sketchbook, chameleon fineliners that change colors and create gradients, one black fineliner , a pencil and an eraser/sharpener. You can use them all together or separate and you can easily carry them with you on the go. My recommendation would be to take the time to try all the materials, experiment as much as possible with them and have fun! Sketch, doodle, take notes, journal anything really! So, just start by drawing some lines, play with the colors and see how you could mix them together and have fun! Which style do you like best and why? The ever evolving style in art. The possibilities are just endless… What do you associate with Art Crew? I think that by becoming a member of the Art Crew you give yourself the chance to explore all kinds of different art styles and materials, start your own artistic journey and get inspired! You become part of an ever growing community with similar interests and that is the best way to get advice, challenge yourself and become more creative and evolve! Make it a habit to draw every day!

Happy creating mates!

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