August 2020

Winsor & Newton Water Color Tube 8 ml aluminium tube

Cotman Water Colour is made according to Winsor & Newton’s high quality standards since 1835. Characteristic of this serie is the use of mostly transparent and organic pigments, which leads to an affordable range of uniform colours. The range of 40 lightfast colours is available in various sizes of pans and tubes. For the best results, use Cotman Watercolour paint in combination with Winsor & Newton watercolour paper.

They impress with high transparency, extreme brilliance, and good permanence. Compared to other artist colors, the translucency of the color is essential to work with the underlying white paper and to ignite the luminosity of each tone. All tones can be combined with one another without restriction to create new tones.

Winsor & Newton 21 ml aluminum tube

Lineo Series 192- Sharp Water Colour Brush, Size 8

This artist brush with a diameter of 5 mm is entirely handmade in Germany by lineo. The special gold-colored synthetic material with a visible hair length of 22 mm allows a wide range of applications. Although the brush tends to be slightly more suitable for fluid colors, it is a pleasure to paint with all kinds of color. It can be perfectly used for watercolors, acrylic and oil colors and tempera colors as well. Another great characteristic is that it is very easy to clean. Compared to natural hair (e.g. red sable), the synthetic hair is robust and durable. The brush handle is made of European birch and has a 3-fold black lacquer that is environmentally friendly. The handle is also entirely made in Germany.  A durable seamless nickel ferrule ensures that the brush head perfectly stays on the handle.

Factis Graphite Pencil HB

This hexagonal shape HB graphite pencil has a lead diameter of 2,2 mm.

The lead provides a uniform pencil stroke and is resistant to breakage, thanks to the LeadProtection System (LPS) that protects the lead by adhering it to the wood. The wood comes from sustainable forests.


SMLT Authentic Water Color Paper

The SMLT “Authentic” line is made of white rough, cellulose based watercolor paper with a grammage of 280 gsm. It is suitable for all watercolor techniques. The line consist of 4 different products that carry the same paper: 

an A5, A4 or A3 spiral pad, an A4 folder pad, a stitched album sized 245 x 176 mm and a square lay-flat album. The FSC certified paper is made in the European Union being acid and wood free. You can buy this product searching for SMLT on amazon.

Läufer Sponge Cans

A useful accessory for both young and professional artists. The Läufer sponge cans can be used in a variety of ways: for spreading colors on pictures, for watercolor drawings, dabbing and dabbing away (marbling) of colors or for cleaning brushes. The fine-pored quality sponge is safely protected against leakage and contamination in the practical can with a screw cap.

The Läufer sponge boxes are available in many colors.


by snowsart



Ahoi! I’m Larissa aka Snowsart and I’m a 26-year-old artist from Germany.

I love painting magical landscapes, skies or galaxies. Especially with vibrant colors like blues, purples and pink tones. But I don’t aim to make super high realistic paintings, I just want to get the picture out of my head onto the paper or canvas. I’ve been wanting to become a full-time artist since I was a child. I’m currently enrolled in university, but this doesn’t stop me to fulfill my childhood dream. My inspiration comes in nature and music. I always tend to daydream a lot listening to music while being outside, imagining how I could incorporate certain elements of nature into my art or wondering how gorgeous the sky looks like. Also, I love looking at color palettes in order to get inspired. For many years I have been wanting to achieve that kind of personal art style that a lot of other great artists have, but over the time I learned that I just love using many supplies and trying out different things. This keeps me motivated because there are many things to do! So, this said, just do whatever makes you happy. Try and paint everything you want!

This month’s box comes with six watercolor tubes (which colors belong to my favorite color combinations), a brush, a pencil as well as a sponge to create interesting textures with. You can use all of them together in order to explore your little creative magic inside of you or combine it with other supplies. My tip would just be to start painting! Play around with the watercolors, let them do their thing and don’t pressure yourself to create the most perfect thing ever. For me the Art Crew is a wonderful community to get supported by other artists and to get inspired by different techniques and styles. Having a lot of other artists in one place can be so encouraging and motivating, because we all do somehow influence each other. My goals with my art are to show a part of me in every painting and also to inspire others to just listen to and explore themselves, evoke emotions or even make others dream. We all need a little bit of magic in our lives, so I will try my best to show that. This said, I wish you a wonderful time with your new supplies!

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