January 2020

Van Gogh water colors

Van Gogh water colors are a transparent paint with intense colors. All colors have the highest degree of lightfastness, even when thinned a great deal. Thanks to their purity and uniform viscosity you can easily mix and wash the colors to the finest of nuances. The transfer of color is easy. Lively colors are the result! The wide range of 72 colors is available in tubes and pans. There is also a wide selection of sets that are handy to take with you. Always ready for use! 

Co-Captain Tip:
Watercolor tubes are very concentrated. So Don’t put too much watercolor on the brush. 

Van Gogh Water color Paper

Van Gogh Paper is made from 100% high-quality cellulose and is lignin free. It is a 300 gsm paper that is ph neutral, glued on four sides and acid free, which ensures the work remains in good condition for a long time. This paper has a fine-grained surface and is most suitable for modern wa-ter color painting. Furthermore, it has superior properties for applications such as acrylic, gouache, ink, charcoal and pencil. 

Milan Refillable Water Brush 

This water brush has a refillable water tank that holds 8 ml. It is suitable for watercolour work with pencils, tablets or ink. The round synthetic brush has a diameter of 4 mm. It has a hermetically sealed cap which makes it suitable for transport. When pushing the button you can regulate the flow of liquid. 

Captain Crate Tip:
Activate the push button slightly at the beginning to get a feeling for the amount of water release 

Milan Premium Synthetic round Brush series 611 no. 00 

Enjoy this 00 size round brush with short wooden handle. It has a black varnished finish and nickel ferrule. The brush is composed of synthetic bristles with filaments of Ø 0,70 mm and Ø 0,10 mm. The diameter of the bristles is 2.2 mm.. It is most suitable for water colour and water-based techniques. 

Koh-I-Noor Polycolor 3800 

These hexagonal, softwood pencils are made with an oil based core that provides color with excellent light fastness and water resistance. The 3,8 mm lead provides rich color without the need for heavy pressure. The core can be sharpened to a fine point for detailed works. The color range features 72 colours that can be blended. 


Laurel Creative Clips

The LaurelClip, made in Germany, is the world’s first ever asymmetric paper clip. Thanks to its shape, it can hold two sheets of paper together just as effectively as 25 sheets. Clip legs of different lengths make this possible. The long leg is optimal for a thick stack of paper, the short leg for a thin stack.


by sarkasik


Hi there! I’m sarkasik

 I love using bold colours, drawing geometric shapes and characters and constructing positive illustrations out of them. Most of my inspiration comes from other forms of art and personal experience. I try not to look too much into other illustrators for inspiration because I noticed that I tend to get drowned in it quickly and social media can be a real creativity and time killer, so instead I often look into photography, architecture, literature and visit museums or just take walks and observe. Having a Sketchbook next to my bed and writing down ideas and dreams is also an unbelievably good resource for illustrations and art. Ever since I was young I was super interested in a lot of different art directions, I would draw and paint, make jewellery and take photographs and also animate and design. At some point I thought I had to choose and concentrate on one direction, but for now I think that this is not true: Do whatever you love for as long as you want and eventually it will fall into place. And I’m happy right now to be able to switch from one artform to another when I feel blocked or in need of inspiration and a fresh look. In this month’s art box you will find acrylic markers, fineliners, two pencils and a brush, which can be used all together, alone and also on the go. My tip would be to get wild and really test how different media react together.

Try to paint bold with the acrylics or water them down with a brush and create delicate washes. Experiment how the fineliners react on the acrylic markers and how you can add structure with the pencils. Just take your sketchbook with you and try to fill it with structures, colours and bold illustrations. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a fully finished masterpiece: Done is always better than perfect. For me, a bold and layered style that goes into a more graphic direction, is perfect to get my ideas done as quick as possible and to later add details. I think the Art Crew is a beautiful place to exchange personal work, get help and have people around us doing the same thing that we are enjoying, creating a community that supports each other and sparks positivity, where we can grow and encourage one another to see how we are evolving. My goals are to get more comfortable with not knowing how my art will develop and not trying to decide on a style, but to experiment as much as possible and keep drawing every day. I want to explore structures and patterns even more and see how they can evoke emotions in an illustration, to create more positive and quirky designs and characters and incorporate messages that are important to me. Being authentic to myself, making people feel good and sharing something meaningful is what’s truly close to my heart.

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