may 2020

Karin Brush Marker Pro

Brushmarkers PRO contain 2.4 ml of paint each. They are produced in the Liquid Ink technology, thanks to which they maintain the colour intensity up to the last drop and allow you to inspect the amount of remaining paint. They are twice more efficient than traditional filter markers. In addition, they are equipped with a Japanese super durable and flexible nylon tip.

Brushmarkers PRO contain intense non-toxic colour paints which are dye based. These markers can for a variety of applications. Colors can be either mixed and washed with water on paper or when contacting the ends of the markers. 

Captain Crate Tip: For more information check out the individual Karin Brush Marker Pro leaflet in your crate.

Sakura Gelly Roll Classic White 10, Bold

I present the world‘s best gel writer, thanks to ink with water-based pigment. The unique gel ink technology ensures smooth writing results without the necessity to apply pressure.  A Gelly Roll pen for bright white lines. With a constant flow of ink, waterproof and fade resistant it is perfect for drawing, writing and adding highlights on dark paper. This nib size is the boldest out of three. The opaque white ink stands out on dark and colored papers and makes highlights pop in illustrations and comics.

Co-Captain Tip: Use it to give your handlettering artwork the shiny white accents.

Sakura Sigma Micron Pigment Liner 03

Sakura stands for creativity and innovation making illustrating, marking and writing possible. Realizing thoughts, ideas and dreams. For illustrators, architects and artists, but also for explorers, for beginners and inventors. Pigma was the first ink in the world to combine pigments and water. The fine tip makes this pen ideal for creating both technical and artistic drawings. The ink will not bleed through paper. The Micron 03 has a line width of 0,45 mm.

Water Colour Brush, Series 191 No. 4

Crafted with care and shaped by hand, this water color brush has a flexible hair bundle resistant to wear. The golden synthetic hair bundle can absorb a large amount of water and has a round shape with a very fine tip for detailed works. This brush has a hair bundle width of 3.3 mm.

Koh-I-Noor 1500 Pencil- HB

In 1889, the Koh-i-Noor 1500 pencil made its grand debut at the World‘s Fair in Paris. Not only was the 1500 the first pencil to be painted yellow but it was also the first to be deliberately painted as a design choice. Painting a pencil normally signified that the pencil was imperfect and there was something to hide so makers of high quality pencils opted to leave them unpainted to show off the wood grain. Over a century later, the Koh-i-Noor Hardtmuth 1500 is still manufactured similarly to how it was in the 1880s and represents an undeniably important moment in pencil history.

Woodcardz Woodpinz

Lasered contours combined with the best printing! That is what makes Woodpinz so special. The perfect product for colorful, happy and sarcastic eye catchers on every jacket and backpack. Revive the world with art and creativity. Woodpinz is your perfect choice combining sustainability by using only FCS-certified wood and a high quality production here in Hamburg. Check out their website at www.woodcardz.de to browse through their Woodpinz!


Upcrate Water Color Paper – 300gsm 

A natural white paper suitable for all wet media. There are two different textures on one sheet. The matt surface makes it easy to erase charcoal. The paper consists of 100 % high quality pulp of European origin. It is free of chlorine and acid that provides excellent lightfast properties. 


by Yolanda



Hello! I am Yolanda Olavarrieta, a handlettering artist and watercolor enthusiast from Bloomington, Indiana USA.

In retrospect, I have always found comfort in exploring my creativity, but it was not until a few years ago after coming across a calligraphy account on Instagram that I decided to finally embrace my creative side and give handlettering a try. After a couple years of practicing, learning from a lot of great artists, and trying to incorporate their knowledge to my own art, I began developing my own style. Through this I learned that I have an eye for color and aesthetics, I love blending colors, and I have an obsession with pens and markers. I especially love the ones in this box that we are trying out! These markers are beautifully pigmented and are so fun to work with.

I am sure you are going to love them! The gelly roll white pen is great to give dimension and bring light to my pieces, it is an essential for me! And of course those amazing sakura micron pens that help me give definition and a polished look and all come together with the Van Gogh watercolor brush.

Explore your creativity with this amazing box, you will be so happy you did.

Happy lettering! Yolanda

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