march 2020

Sharpie Fine Point

Featuring a deep black and intensely brilliant banana yellow bold fine point built for jaw-dropping marks, Sharpie Permanent Markers ignite courageous self-expression and create eye-popping, vibrant impressions. The Fine Point marker has a 1,4 mm tip size and a cap-off time of 15 minutes.

Sharpie Ultra Fine Point

This black Ultra Fine Point Marker provides clean, precise marks. The Ultra Fine Point marker has a 0,5 mm tip size and a cap-off time of 30 minutes. 

Penac Protti PRC 105 Mechanical Pencil 0,5 mm 

Let me present you a true innovative way to use a mechanical pencil consisting of a metal cone & clip and silicon ring. It has a 4mm long guide pipe for drawing & drafting. 

Penac Polymer Leads 0,5 mm HB 

This 0,5 mm HB Techno Polymer Lead is super break resistant. Enjoy 12 leads that are made in Japan to refill your Protti Mechanical Pencil. 

Centropen Pigment Liner 

The Centropen Dokument pigment liner is most suitable for sketching, technical drawing or tracing among others. The water based ink is light-fast and the markers are fitted with a plastic tips in a metal sleeve.

Montana Cans Permanent Short Marker

 The permanent short marker is the smallest marker in the wide assortment of Montana Cans. Perfect for traditional signing and marking, great to keep in a pocket or with travels. It houses a 4mm felt tip filled with red pigmented alcohol dye ink and fast drying characterisitcs. 

Artline Supreme Brush Marker 

 These soft brush nibs are made of polyester fibre. Perfect for drawing and painting these flexible strokes for fine and wide lines give you a wide range of possibilities. You are even able to create a gradient effect. It is a water-based dystuff ink marker available in 26 different colors. You can even add water for a water coller effect. 

Upcrate Marker Paper

 This 75 gsm thin paper is bleed-proof and coated on the back side. It absorbs less ink compared to standard paper which results in a longer lifetime of the markers applied. 


Sharpie Pencil Case 

 What a useful gimmick we present you this month. This Sharpie pencil case is made of linen ready to give your markers a new home. With a zipper it holds up to 30 Sharpies in place even when on the run. It is coated from the inside to avoid the white linen to get stains in case you forget to close one of the caps. 


by boxadessin


Here is boxadessin. I come from the French Alps and I love to draw life in all its forms. upcrate#7 boxadessin

 Do you have special places to find your inspirations?

I draw everywhere but I like to draw more and more outside. I like to travel, to visit cities with my ipad and I sketch streets, myself, small imaginary characters, objects, … It allows you to practice drawing differently from the office and it is very stimulating for creativity.

Your special tip for the art crew what to do with the art supplies in this Upcrate:

I don’t know if I am in the best position to give advice and I admit that this is the first time that I have tested a mystery box. I would say that you have to take the time to try all the material, test it on a paper, lay out the colors and let the inspiration come. The colors of this box are very cool, very lively, very pop. There is a lot of possibility with all your little artistic brains!

Which style do you like best and why? Do you always doodle?

I like art in general. Afterwards, there are things I like more like Franco-Belgian comics and the work of some freelance illustrators that I follow on Instagram. When I resumed drawing, after more than 15 years of stopping, I started with doodle art, a style that I like because it allows a lot of interesting and surreal graphic possibility. Over time, I draw less doodle and more scene or characters because I think about drawing a graphic novel.

What do you associate with Art Crew?

For a very long time I practice drawing alone. since i launched my instagram account, i have discovered the interest of a community of artists. An artcrew is the best way to advise, help each other, challenge yourself to progress, get inspired, … anything is possible. Looking back, I would have loved to have a creative environment when I started to draw, I will have a better level now!

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