What’s inside?

What’s inside?

Staedtler Super Soft Coloured Pencils

These high-quality coloured pencil have a classic hexagonal shape. They are equipped with a super soft lead which results in a particularly high coverage.12 pcs of amazingly bright colours, that can be applied on both white and black paper, are available to spark your creativity. The pencils are manufactured of PEFC-certified wood from sustainably managed forests.

Staedtler Mars Lumograph- 2H

This is Staedtler’s premium quality artist pencil. It is suitable for writing, drawing and sketching on paper and matt drawing film. It is remarkably break-resistant thanks to a super-bonded lead. The lines reproduce especially well and with a variety of 20 different lead degrees this pencil is extremely versatile. A special lead formulation makes it super visible on paper, yet it is easy to erase. The wood derives as well from certified, sustainably managed forests.

Koh-I-Noor 3800/0- Blender Wooden Pencil

The Blender pencil is a soft colorless pencil that allows you to blend two or more colors together. It mixes and smoothes colors which softens individual strokes and hard edges.

Koh-I-Noor 8750 Progresso Woodless Pencil

Different to a classical wooden pencil these coated pencils are made of a solid color stick. This enables you to draw with the full surface of the cone to cover a greater area. It has five times more coverage potential than a normal colored pencil. and can be sharpened in any standard sharpener. The solid lead feels different in your hand than a wooden pencil.

Folia Washi-Tape

Special Hand-tear Rice Paper tapes with transparent frosted surfaces suited to lettering and drawing. They have a self-adhesive film allowing removal & re-positioning which provides great creative opportunities. They adhere to paper, walls, fabrics and smooth surfaces such as metal, glass etc. without any special preparation. For this reason Folia Washi Tape provides endless opportunities for all kinds of craft activities. Acid-Free!

Authentic Brown Sketch Paper

This 135 gsm two layered paper consist of 100% recycled material. It is suited for all kinds of sketches, but best for pencils, pens, chalks, charcoal, crayons and pastels. The paper is FSC certified.

Black drawing pad START „SMLT“

A premium 120 gsm grade jet black paper suitable for sketching with pencils, pens, pastels, crayons and other tools of dry drawing. It contains of 30% recycled material and is FSC certified.

Cretacolor White Chalk Oil pencil

Almost white as snow this lightning pencil is indispensable for brightening areas and adding light spots. It is ideal for obtaining photorealistic effects, offering limitless possibilities for working in layers and for smudging work including the use of oil-based media.

This refill lead lets your writing experience continue endlessly. Plenty of color lead in soft blue.

Captain Crate Tip:

Use your Color Eno mechanical pencil to exchange the original color green with the refill lead blue. Press down the green lid and use your other hand to slide it out of the pencil. Hold the push mechanism pressed

Läufer multi-purpose eraser

The Läufer multi-purpose eraser is based on the modern classic Läufer Plast 0120. This eye-catching eraser is made of translucent plastic which removes pencil markings without abrasion. The shaving sticks to the eraser, not to the paper. Perfect for pencil and crayon. It is available in two trendy color combinations being red/blue and orange/yellow.

Every month, the crate is
presented by an amazing artist.
This month it is:

Co-Captain josilix

Hey Mates, my Co-Captain for the second crate – Ahoi! My name is Josilix. I’m a 23 years old designer and traditional illustrator from Berlin, mixing realism and comic style.

Ever since I was able to hold a pencil, I got creative. I always loved to draw and really got into it at the time Sailor Moon was big in Germany. I was always recreating Mangas and Animes and got my first professional art supplies roughly 10 years ago. Since then, I always tried to improve my skills (but never got a good grade in art class). Almost 2 years ago, I decided to become a freelance illustrator and designer. Drawing is like a creative therapy for me. When my days are packed full with classes and work, I find some peace in doing art. It is a great way to relief some stress for me. As a gamer, I always get inspired by video games, but also the internet. Websites like Pinterest are a great way to make moodboards and get inspiration for new projects. As a designer, every visual thing, like a font, a pattern or a color scheme can be super motivating. I take picture or screenshots of everything I feel looks nice, like an ad or a book cover, and have a huge gallery of random inspirational bids on my phone. In this crate, there are some cute specials. Washi-Tape is great for clean lines, but also as decoration. You can remove it from the paper without any trace, as long as you are very careful pulling it off. Also, the white pencil can be used to make colors lighter and to blend them together. You can also use the graphite pencil or black to make a color appear darker. Draw a grid and try mixing all the colors, including the white, with each other first to see how many colors you can get out of the set. Swatching (making a color chart to see what you can work with) is super helpful to pick the right colors even before coloring in. I love the community concept behind Upcrate and the Art Crew. An art crew is a big „family“ of creative people who inspire and support each other. Always remember: Do not get discouraged by artists you think are better than you. There is no rivalry in art. Let‘s inspire and motivate each other, no matter the skill, experience or follower count, to get the best out of us! Let‘s focus on the good about looking up to someone rather than feeling bad for not being there YET. We all have our own pace. Making friends in the community is super important and helpful, to not only get feedback but also grow together.

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